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MS Cold Storage Rack Manufacturer

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MS Cold Storage Rack Manufacturers

Most Trusted Cold Storage Racking System Manufacturer in India

MS (Mild Steel) cold storage rack is an innovative industrial storage solution that allows the loading of goods at controlled temperatures, ensuring the conservation of goods’ quality and properties. At Shree Mahalaxmi Steel Industries, we are a leading Delhi-based cold storage Rack Manufacturer and Supplier for the largest companies, industries and manufacturing units all over the nation.

Our company has been india’s one of the most trusted MS Cold Storage Rack suppliers for industries demanding quality cold storage racks in Delhi, Haryana, Pashamylaram, Gujarat, Edulanagulapally, Aerotropolis, Bengaluru and (mainly in India for more than 25 states).

Features Of MS Cold Storage Racks

  • High density storage solution
  • Made of quality mild steel
  • Strength-built and cost-efficient
  • Low or no maintenance cost
  • Speciality layout and design options
  • Ultimate selectivity and flexibility
  • Customisable and quality–built

The Shree Mahalaxmi Steel Industries Difference

We believe in consistent quality and superior customer support. Our industrial storage racking system is made of quality material (often Mild Steel), assuring the quality of our racking system. Our MS Cold Storage Rack range is one of the top-selling cold storage racking systems in India. It’s thanks to our dedicated racking system specialists who always strive to deliver the quality that meets your needs.

  • Manufacturing excellence and engineering expertise
  • We have been servicing the market for nearly 15 years
  • Modern technology and advanced machinery
  • Customisable and quality industrial storage system
  • Always on-time and convenient in delivery
Contact Us And Let Us Provide a Quality Cold Storage Racking System!

For more than 15 years, Shree Mahalaxmi Steel Industries has been one of the best-known industrial pallet racking and material handling solution manufacturers in India (Delhi-based manufacturing company). We promise to meet your diverse industrial cold storage racking system needs while staying within budget.

If you have any questions about our cold storage racking system and its prices, drop us a message or call us at +91-9810466777 to speak to one of our experts. We will be glad to assist you!

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